#001 - Dear future,

You may have noticed that we look a little different this week. 

Hi! Allow us to reintroduce ourselves.

the akin (/əˈkɪn/) is a consumer research and strategy studio.

Over the last 4 months, we've thought long and hard about our approach to work and the brand we’re building. It has been challenging, enlightening and uncomfortable at times, but we are so so proud of the outcome.

To put it simply, the akin want to apply a radically transparent approach to systemic changemaking. We recognise the role of business in our fight for change. We want to help people examine and exploit their spheres of influence in and out of their work to be an important actor in our global society.

Specifically, we're aligning our work with teams who want to build intersectionally feminist; ecologically regenerative; and/or anti-racist futures. Read more about our philosophy here.

Don't worry; we're still the strategy and insights studio you know and love – just with a bit more clarity. To fuel this work, we're committing to becoming more transparent about how we approach our practice and our learnings along the way. We hope that together we can learn how we can collectively design futures we're proud of.

As well as a clearer proposition and philosophy, we have also have a new look and feel. This includes a new logo, typeface and style designed by Simon Whybry; and a new website created by Jase Coop. If you want to read more about the rebranding process, click here to see the bits we're most excited about and the thinking behind each of them. And please have a wander around our new home www.theakin.com to read more about our work and what we are up to.

We will be continuing our much-loved substack with a simpler title - the akin’s substack (because the Quaranzine can’t go on forever!). It will appear in your inboxes every two weeks and share our musings on utopia’s, things we feel are important, things you should know about, or things you should be reading. 

Until next week, when programming will return to semi-normal.

TA x