Our rebrand

Hi! Allow us to reintroduce the akin. Over the last 4 months, we've thought long and hard about our approach to work and the brand we’re building. Scroll down to see the bits we're most excited about and the thinking behind each of them. But first, some context: 

The Akin: 2017 – present

The akin is a strategy and insights studio that was started 4 years ago (today!) to change the way agency models were run. We built an operating model around radical transparency between the client <> the agency <> and freelancers. In practice this new operating model looked like this:

  • a new procurement approach with clients: frustrated by big agencies who pitched for work that they didn't have the staff for, we lobbied our clients to implement transparency measures into their procurement process.

  • a new payment model for freelancers: the burden of payment shouldn't rest on the shoulders of our most vulnerable workers so we ensure: fair day rates at each level; payment within 30 days on invoice no matter what; upfront payment of any hard costs within 7 days of kicking off.

the akin's next chapter

Over the next 4 years, we want to apply this radically transparent approach to systemic changemaking. We recognise the role of business in our fight for change. We want to help you examine and exploit your business's sphere of influence to meet your business goals and your responsibilities as an important actor in our global society.

Specifically, we're aligning our work with teams who want to build intersectionally feminist; ecologically regenerative; and/or anti-racist futures.

Don't worry, we're still the strategy and insights studio you know and love – just with a bit more clarity. To fuel this work we're committing to becoming more transparent about how we approach our practice and our learnings along the way. It’s our hope that together we can learn how we can collectively design futures we're proud of.

As well as a clearer proposition and philosophy we have also have a new look and feel. This includes a new logo, typeface and style designed by Simon Whybry; and a new website created by Jase Cooper. Below we highlight the bits we're most excited about and the thinking behind each of them.

the akin logo

Designed by Simon Whybray

Our old logo was meant to be a temporary placeholder. Four years later, we’re introducing our new logo that uses elements supporting each other - T within the A, inspired by the structural architecture of the Pompidou Centre to create an elegant icon.

the akin wordmark

Designed by Simon Whybray

With our old wordmark, people would pronounce our name as “the AH-kin”, instead of “the uh-KIN” like we intended (like the phrase “akin to…”). This new wordmark brings us closer to our original intent, plus, it’s pretty and sits in nice contrast to our utilitarian logo.

the akin typeface

Designed by Simon Whybray

And the wordmark comes with a custom typeface that puts the fun in functionality. Bonus: we can type our new logo directly from the keyboard ;) See here.

the akin website 

Designed by Jase Coop

Similar to the old logo, our last website was thrown up four years ago with the help of our dear friend Ali Issac. While there were parts of the old site we loved (like the ‘soft’ entry into the akin world on our homepage), we knew the website wasn’t working as hard as it could. These are the elements of the new site we’re especially proud of: 

  • Audio support for when you’d rather hear someone say it out loud. We recognise that our work can be complex, and as people who have reading difficulties, we know that written documents can add yet another barrier to shared understanding. So we’ve added sound clips to each of our main pages so that you can read through the site in your preferred style. Let us know what you think! It’s an experiment so your feedback is very welcome.

  • Added context for new/ key terms. Culture is always changing and so is language. We find ourselves learning or relearning keywords and phrases all the time. We wanted to be explicit about what we mean when we use certain words and phrases so we’ve added tooltips like this one shown above throughout the site so that we minimise miscommunications, especially around socially sensitive topics.