Quaranzine 032

The Akin's email of bits.

This week is not our usual programming. As the reality of a year of Covid dawned on me and spring sprung, I have found myself a little out of sorts. There are some new chapters starting and others closing, which feel heavy. I am tired.

This week I have listed the things I have been reading and recommended to me by some wonderful people. 

I hope everyone is doing well :)


  • Here is an article that summarises a lot of how I feel right now - “Bring Back the Nervous Breakdown: It used to be okay to admit that the world had simply become too much.”

  • This weekend I made up an entirely new verse to a song about my quarantine (which I then found hilarious and am still laughing at); yes, I am ok. But this great piece helps readers understand how the late-Stage Pandemic Is Messing With Your Brain; We have been doing this so long, we forget how to be normal.

  • A report to get lost in and consider our futures. The Future Today Institute's 14th Annual Tech Trends Report is out.

  • Where would culture be without the Kardashians? Love them or hate them; their impact on pop culture is one to be studied. The Face explores what 20 seasons of the Kardashians have taught us.

  • Fortnite’s experimental story is an attempt to create the entertainment experience of the future. In the games, most recent launch players can play through a single-player mission — a brief, action-filled sequence in which a glowing butterfly guided them to help restore reality. Read about it here.

  • A lot of intelligent brands are in the process of thinking about tools to help them with efficiency. 1-800-D2C an online resource of the best tools used by the best eCommerce brands.

  • In good news, fire sheep can help save us. Read about it on Patagonia’s blog here.

  • This brilliant article from Yaa Gyasi on The Guardian explains why Treating authors of colour as tools for self-improvement is an impoverished response to centuries of harm.

  • After the tragic event in Atlanta, last week Go fund me have partnered with the AAPI's to raise vital funds to uplift and protect Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Please support if you can.