What is this about?

The Akin was born out of a belief in transparency and thoughtfulness. So we want to practise what we preach and share with you what we are writing about, reading, thinking and feeling at the moment. 

What began as a lockdown outlet, the substack has become a weekly mainstay about the macro and micro context of brand and culture. Written by Sarah Johnson, co-founder of The Akin, with the help of contributions from our network, the ultimate goal is to influence how businesses can do their part to not fuck up the world…

We hope it gives readers value and ammunition to drive positive impact and change-making. Please subscribe so you get it delivered to your inbox every other Tuesday.

Who are The Akin?

The Akin is a women-led global research and strategy studio. We’re in business to bring about an intersectionally-feminist, carbon-positive, antiracist world. We help businesses to do their part to get us there.

Practically speaking, we help lifestyle businesses understand how society is changing, how people are changing within it, and how the business should respond. We deliver:

  • trend and cultural insights

  • brand & innovation strategy

  • product strategy

  • international expansion plans

  • audience typologies

And it’s always backed by qualitative and quantitative research; insights from people – the Changemakers from around the world who make and remake the subcultures that inform our future norms. 

For more info, check out our website or drop us a line.

www.theakin.com |@theakincollective | hello@theakin.com

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The Akin

The Akin is a women-led consumer insights and business strategy studio based in London. We were founded in 2017 to bring about futures that are intersectionally-feminist, carbon-positive and anti-racist.